Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celtic Birds Pattern

The design for the Celtic Birds tapestry came a book called Celtic Charted Designs published by Dover Publications. A very nice woman sent m an email asking me where the design came from. My phone deleted the email. I need a new phone........

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Myuiki Co, Ltd. Pictures

I am posting some pictures at the request of one of the representatives of Myuiki Co., Ltd. in Japan.  This is the company that makes the beads I use in my tapestries.  For some reason none of the pictures are getting through email.  With any luck I will be presenting my pieces for display at Myuiki in Japan for the next showing.

I will be having professional pictures taken soon.  Just waiting to hear back from the photographer.

Celtic Birds Project


Running Dogs Band

Aurora Wolf Project...in progress

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Pic....

Coming along slowly.  Takes a little under an hour to put in just one row.  You can now see the left wolfs' feet and two of the right wolfs' feet.   Not too happy with the colorization of her foot but Im hoping the finished colors blending will be nice. 

Im taking this loom to this weekend's SCA event (Procrastinator's Brawl) for viewing by the King and Queen of Midrealm by request of our Barones, Una. This is a Roaring Wastes event and this is my barony so I am espically proud to show it.

I'll post more pictures of the event and this weeks progress next week.

Yes, those are my shoes, lol. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aurora Wolf Project Pics

Picures so far.  I think the colors will soften and blend better the further up I go.

This is about 70 of the 84 colors.  Some  of the color changes are very sublte.  I think it will be nice when I'm done.  You can see the tip of her foot (center of loom) and one of the wolf paws (left side of the loom).  I think the wolves are going to be spectactular.


New Pics Celtic Birds and Running Dogs

Here are a few more pics.......

Yes......I know they are sideways.........
computers hate me......

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pennsic Was Awesome

Hi everyone

Sorry its been so long since the last post but I've been a little busy, lol.  Pennsic was awesome.  I made many new friends, especially in the beading community. Yes, there are other tapestry beaders out there. Not many, but some. And I had the wonderful opportunity to meet 2 at Pennsic.

I put both looms in the A&S Display which sparked alot of interest. I was unable to stay with my display throughout the day because of my class being the same day.  The looms were quite heavy and I was only taking them down to town once.  To my surprise I was left several tokens on my display table including a silver ring and an absolutely gorgeous book.  Thank you to the many people who visited my display and espically to those who left cards and tokens. 

The Celtic Birds project is off the loom and finished, ready to hang.  It and the running dogs project are up for sale on EBay, Etsy and Artfire.  But for now I am looking for a gallery to display them in.  I'll keep you posted on that ordeal, lol.  But once the gallery owners see the pieces I don't think I will have much trouble displaying them.  I'll post pics of both finished projects tomorrow.

I have started the Aurora Wolf project.  440 beads across.  Takes and hour just to pick up and lay in one row.  I'm not to certain about the colors but as I continue the tapestry I'm hoping the colors blend together better.  I am also having doubts that i will have enough beads to finish the project....(sigh).

Yes, they are upside down.........

And most of all, thanks to Mistress Megan and my new mentor Brianna for fueling my beading creativity in whole new ways.  I now have bigger and much better things to come....

Friday, July 15, 2011

Celtic Birds Project Completed

Its finally done!!

Time to complete:  3 months

After Pennsic it will be posted on Etsy and Ebay.....

Now on to the next priject, lol.