Monday, April 25, 2011


For all those interested, I will be teaching a class in Beginner Beadweaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom at The Pennsic War  Aug 8th,2011 at 11:00 am.  Free to stop in if your interested.......

PENNSIC Field Battle

Middle Kingdom Rocks

And We Have Beads..............

(......./Snoopy Dance..........)

The order is in...WOOT!.  Thousands and thousands of pretties!  All double bagged, safe and sound.

A big pile of bead .   Took most of the day but they are all in their bins  :-). 
We sorted and tagged the containers (92) and what did we have................?

Thank You Sue for all your time and effort getting this monster of an order together for us all.

Sue, You Rock!!!!

Unfortunately I have to rewarp the small loom (sigh ).  But I got beads so it don't matter!

 5 more minutes Mom......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(sigh)....... turns out than my warping bar (threaded rod) was slowly bending as I was warping the small loom.  I noticed that the center warp threads were vibrating as the wind from an open window blew over the loom.  Solution: remake the side rails so I can put in a thicker rod. 

Deconstructed one side the small loom to use as a pattern for the new sides.  Left the heddle warped, and sagging  :-( .  

Its gonna be me, a small latch hook, and a large cup of coffee when I put the new side rails on to try to lay the warp on the thicker rod.  Hopefully I can do this without having to cut it all off and rewarp the entire loom again (sigh).  Back to the workshop.....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let The Insanity begin.....

The Kevlar warps beautifully.  When I got the thread and laid the first warp I realized then how thick it was.  Lovely, another problem.......   However, its 2 ply.  Woot!!  

So instead of ordering more thread (and the Kevlar was $50.00/spool and THAT was half price) I decided to.....un-ply it.  So the kid and I are cutting each warp to length and untwisting hundreds and hundreds of warps, lol.  And were laying them, one at a time.  Yes, it takes a while.  Yes, it warps wonderfully.  Yes, it worth it.  Absolutely.

And thank you D for buying all that Fireline off of me.  You Rock!!!!

So....Let the Insanity Begin......

Small (lolol) Loom

And just guess who thinks warping a loom is fun....

Dont let the look fool you.  They are evil......