Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Loom Pictures

Here it is everyone.  Finally finished.  Sanded, oiled and put together. 

The bottom warping bar is adjustable and sits on a recessed track.

A sandbag helps to hold down in the back and keeps it from sliding.  I made the sandbad by filling an old pillowcase with play sand and then made a canvas cover for the sandbag.  The rear legs are removable for tranport.  

So....I got thinking.....what can I do with the smaller loom to make it easier to work on since it wont exaactly fit on my lap anymore?  Well, I had an old drafting table that had become more or less a place to throw junk  on.  I deconstructed it, refinished the top, and bolted my smaller loom to it.

The top of it tilts. The base has adjustable legs so I can raise and lower it as necessary. 

(Yes, I know the pic is sideways......turn your eyes)

It has two hooks on the bottom of the table top that supports the loom frame.  The loom frame hangs on a rod that runs through the upper part of the frame of the loom and the rod runs through 2 eye bolts I put through the table. 

The loom has a series of holes in the frame so as my work moves up the loom I can drop the entire loom down by putting the rod through the next hole in the frame.  This drops the entire loom down on the table itself.  Neat  :-)

(OK, ingore my knee and look at the holes ^^^^^)  

 So now its time to warp the hundreds and hundreds of warps. 

Well......there we have a problem........

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