Friday, March 25, 2011

The Warping Disaster

The problem, the length of the warp and the weight of the beads.

I used Nymo for the other smaller projects but Nymo stretches.  I could pull alot of the stretch out of it for the other smaller projects, and it warped great, but these next peices are long and heavy.  It was suggested I use fishing line for warp and I ordered alot of it, roughly $80.00 worth, and that probably wasn't going to be enough.   I got it quickly, kudos to a certain awesome guildmate (hugs), but when I tried to warp the looms is when the problems started.  Maybe I didn't order the right line but it kept snapping at the screws. And the knots kept slipping when it didn't break.  I think the problem was the length of each warp. 

So I decided to just go for the best and ordered a 1,600 yard spool of Kevlar thread.  It's not going to get any better than that.  It comes in several thicknesses, twists, and bonds.  I talked to the owner of the company, explained to him why I needed it, and he is sending me what  he says should work the best for what I am doing with it.  He says it wont snap and the knots wont slip.  It has less than 2% stretch under 32 pounds.  Awesome.  And is thinner than Nymo D.  A little pricey, yes.  But at least the tapestry will be bulletproof, lol.

He sent it Priority Mail today so it should be here Wednesday.  I'll let you know how it warps......

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