Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baron War 2011

Saturday I entered my Celtic Birds project, still on the loom, in the Arts & Sciences Competition at the Baron War (an SCA event) in Ohio.  By populace bean count I won first place in the event.  I did not know at that time the winner of the 'War' was determined by 3 points.  Whoever got 2 out of the 3 of points won the war.  My barony (Roaring Wastes) had one point.  They lost the second battle therefore lost the other point.  The deciding point (3rd) was given to the A&S winner.  That was me.  I didnt know that.....

During court at the end of the day I was the first called before the King and Queen to name who I was siding my point to.  Of course, Roaring Wastes.  It was the best day of my SCA life.  I chose the victor of the War.

I could have been given no greater honor.

To Their Royal Majesties, King Arch & Queen Runa of the Middle Kingdom,

I say thank you


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