Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project Update

 Wow, has it  been that long since an update.....?  I am soooooo sorry.

Well, I've been so busy.  It's not quite finished but should be by early next week.  75 rows to go.

Heres the blank chart half as published in the book.....

 looks a little confusing but here is the whole chart (half copied and inverted) colored. in.....

11/0 seed beads (11 beads an inch)
240 beads wide
330 beads tall
10 row top and bottom borders

That's 84,000 beads!!!!

Here is how it looks so far....

And the next project is bigger!!!!
Am hoping to get  at least a third of the large one done before Pennsic.  Wish Me Luck!

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